If you choose the delete operation at the main menu, LifeLines displays the delete menu:

What do you want to delete?
  c Child - remove a child from his/her family
  s Spouse - remove a spouse from a family
  p Person - remove a person completely
  q Quit - return to the previous menu

These operations also work in a straightforward way. LifeLines asks you the necessary questions and lets you cancel at any time.

You may also remove a child from his/her family, or remove a spouse/parent from his/her family, from the person browsing mode. In both cases, only a relationship is removed, not a person. On the other hand, the delete menu must be used if you want to completely remove a person from the database; this cannot be done from the browsing mode.

There is no special operation for removing a family record. LifeLines silently removes any family record that has no parent or child associated with it.