Record Update Functions

NODE createnode(STRING, STRING);

create a GEDCOM node


add a node to a GEDCOM tree

VOID deletenode(NODE);

delete a node from a GEDCOM tree

These functions allow you to modify an internal GEDCOM node tree.

Createnode creates a GEDCOM node; the two arguments are tag and value strings, respectively; the value string can be null. Addnode adds a node to a node tree. The first argument is the new node; the second is the node in the tree that becomes the parent of the new node; the third is the node in the tree that becomes the previous sibling of the new node; this argument is null if the new node is to become the first child of the parent. Deletenode removes a node from a node tree.

These functions change the internal form of a node tree; they do not modify original records in the database. These functions may be changed or extended in the future to allow database changes. Note: deletenode has a memory leak.