The tandem person browse screen displays information about two persons. Its main use it to support the person merging operation. The top two panels show two persons in the format used in the person and list screen displays. The bottom panel gives the menu of available commands. For example:

  person: Thomas Trask WETMORE Sr (25)
  born: 13 March 1866, St. Mary's Bay, Digby, Nova Scotia
  died: 17 February 1947, New London, New London, Connecticut
  father: Daniel Lorenzo WETMORE, b. 1821, N.S., d. 1903, Conn. (48)
  mother: Mary Ann DOTY, b. 1824, N.S., d. 1897, Conn. (59)
  spouse: Margaret Ellen KANEEN, b. 1855, Eng., d. 1900, Conn. (26)
person: Thomas Trask WETMORE IV (1)
  born: 18 December 1949, New London, New London, Connecticut
  father: Thomas Trask WETMORE III, b. 1925, Conn. (6)
  mother: Joan Marie HANCOCK, b. 1928, Conn. (7)
  spouse: Luann Frances GRENDA, m. 1970, N.Y. (2)
Please choose an operation:
 e Edit top person    s Browse top spouse/s   a Add family
 t Browse to top      c Browse top children   j Merge bottom to top
 f Browse top father  b Browse to persons     x Switch top/bottom
 m Browse top mother  d Copy top to bottom    q Return to main menu
LifeLines - Two Person Browse Screen

e Edit top person.

Edit the top person's record. LifeLines writes the record to a file, and puts you in the screen editor to edit the file. When you return from the editor, LifeLines asks you to confirm the update; the person is changed only if you do so.

t Browse to top.

Switch to the person display with the top person as current person.

f Browse top father.

Replace the top person with his/her father.

m Browse top mother.

Replace the top person with his/her mother.

s Browse top spouse/s.

Replace the the top person with his/her spouse. If the person has more than one spouse, LifeLines asks you to identify one.

c Browse top children.

Replace the top person with one of his/her children. If the person has more than one child, LifeLines asks you to identify the one.

b Browse to persons.

Browse to a new person or list of persons. LifeLines asks you to identify a new person or persons by name, key or list name, and then does as described in the section on identifying a person.

d Copy top to bottom.

Copy the top person into the bottom person. A new person is not created; the same person is displayed twice.

a Add family.

Create a new family record; LifeLines assumes the two displayed persons are to become the spouses/parents in the new family; they must be of opposite sex.

j Merge bottom to top.

Merge the bottom person into the top person. LifeLines combines the two person records and places you in the screen editor to edit the combined record. When you are done, if you confirm the operation, LifeLines removes the bottom person from the database, and the top person is given the combined record. See the section on merging.

x Switch top/bottom.

Swap the two persons in the display.

q Return to main menu.

Return to the LifeLines main menu.