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LifeLines is a genealogical software system for UNIX and related systems.

LifeLines was written by Tom Wetmore,, and is archived at LifeLines has recently become an open source project at SourceForge.

LifeLines is a primitive advanced genealogical system. You can store any kind and any amount of data in a LifeLines database, and you can process and generate output based on that data in any way and in any format. Well, within reason.

LifeLines has been ported to a number of platforms. Versions exist for DOS, Linux, AIX, and the author has a version running on his Macintosh with MacOS 8.6.

LifeLines is freeware. Because of the large number of UNIX and related systems, LifeLines is distributed in source form. To install LifeLines on your system, retrieve the latest source from the ftp site and follow the instructions.

With the new open source version of LifeLines, there is new Life for the old Lines. You may prefer to visit the SourceForge project site to see what's current, and download from there.

There is a LifeLines mailing list. To join send the message: SUB LINES-L Your Name to Substitute your name for Your Name. The address of the mailing list is

For More Information

There have been many LifeLines report programs written. There is a collection at the ftp site. There is a reference manual included in the source distribution.

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