LifeLines Programmers Reference

Version 3.0.2

Tom Wetmore | | LifeLines

This is the Programmers Reference Manual for LifeLines, a UNIX genealogical software system. There is also a LifeLines Users Guide.


LifeLines does not provide built-in reports. Instead LifeLines provides a programming subsystem that executes programs that you and other LifeLines users write. Programs can be written to generate any kind of report or output from your LifeLines databases. The LifeLines programming language is a fully featured programming language providing a large set of built-in functions and other operations customized for genealogical applications.

LifeLines programs are stored in normal files that you edit with your screen editor. They may be kept in their own directories; you can use the LLPROGRAMS shell variable to hold a list of directories that LifeLines will use to automatically search for programs when you request program execution.

Tom Wetmore | | LifeLines